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Is it possible to change the savegames directory? [yes; -userdir]

edited 2018 Sep 15 in Technical Support
I want to have the Doomsday Engine on a USB to play it on different computers. But the savegames are saved in APPData (in Windows) and not in the directory where Doomsday is.
Is it possible to change the directory where it saves Doomsday?



  • i know when you run a server, if you add -userdir [folder] as a launch parameter, it will select this folder to put the savegame. I don't know if you can add this for when you launch your specific game from the gui.
  • @Ormuzd This can be done, but only via command line options.

    "-userdir" should do the trick, although it affects all the game profiles equally. Currently there isn't a way to specify different directories per profile.

    In practice, you could create a shortcut to Doomsday.exe or create a .bat file that starts Doomsday.exe with the arguments "-userdir {your-path}".

    If you give a relative path as the argument, it should work regardless of which drive letter has been assigned to the USB drive.
  • @skyjake

    Thank you, I had looked at the web-manual if there was any command to do this, but I did not find it. And it was just what I wanted.
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