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[solved] Doomsday itself is lagging

edited 2018 Aug 22 in Technical Support
Hello everyone & devs,

I had doomsday engine for a while on my windows 10 pc, 2.0.3 & nightly, no issue at all. Then I had to format for xyz reasons.

But now after a fresh windows install & graphic driver & windows update done, doomsday is lagging on all game selection page. It's also affecting all games in-games with the same lag pattern. Iike if the window itself is lagging.

I tried reformating 3 times, with both windows 10 home & pro, no difference, same lag.

I'm not sure this is related directly with doomsday, but I have no real clue where to look.

I also tried to install older nvidia graphic driver to see if there will be a difference. but it doesn't seems to help.

I checked in doomsday.out, but there is no error that stands out.

CPU & GPU temp are normal under 35-45 degree celcius.

I tried the 2016 DOOM on the same PC, and there was no lag, running fine.

Could it be an openGL bug or something like that ?

Also, with the nightly, is there an alternate renderer available ?

EDIT: of course the problem disappeared by itself right after this post ...
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