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Issues with Sound - Fedora 28

edited 2018 Aug 18 in Technical Support
Hey guys,

I am running Fedora 28 and Doomsday (both stable and build 2774) with success (mostly), but am unable to get the music to play on Ultimate Doom (Steam). Sound effects work perfectly. I have attempted to get the default music to play, and a few music addons with no success. This occurs with both a stock Doom install, and one with addons.

I have also tried switching between fmod, fluidsynth and sdl_mixer to no avail. The only feedback I get is that when I use SDL_mixer it says that the linked version is newer than expected, being 2.0.2. Is this a hardcoded filepath issue with the libraries?

Does anyone have any tips? Happy to do further debugging if required.


  • Have you tried a couple of different sound fonts? The included General User GS SF2 soundfont should work generally fine, though. Make sure it is selected in your Audio settings dialog.
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