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Hexen (Doomsday enging) on Oculus Rift?

edited 2018 Aug 3 in Technical Support
Anyone know how to get this working in VR on Oculus Rift, preferably with Touch controls? Would be very grateful!


  • Unfortunately the current version does not support VR. The biggest issue is that the old renderer is incompatible with the recent versions of LibOVR, and there are also performance issues that prevent efficiently drawing the two eye views per frame.

    Around version 1.13 we had basic VR support with the 0.x version of LibOVR (no Touch yet as that wasn't available at the time). With luck that might still work, but I haven't tried it myself.

    VR support is one reason why I've been recently investigating how to revise the renderer (as detailed in the summer blog posts).
  • Bit of a suggestion for you @skyjake on the VR/AR front. Look into OpenXR. It should be releasing very soon.

    I say this as it should solve the fragmentation between VR and AR headsets and related ecosystems. There is going to be a public demo at Siggraph this week.

    It should also save you and other community members of having to update various third party DLLs such as OpenVR, Oculus, etc.
  • edited 2018 Aug 20
    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely keep an eye on OpenXR.

    (I actually was at Siggraph last week but didn't come across this demo — the real-time raytracing stuff grabbed too much of my attention... :blush:)
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