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Please Help Me! [macOS, Heretic]

edited 2018 Jul 27 in Technical Support
Hello I'm trying to get Heretic to play on my iMac version 10.13. and I can't get anything to work. I already download the Doomday Engine but I don't where and how to get Heretic to work.


  • How old is your iMac? You can find the model information in About This Mac > Overview. Also, what does it say under the "Graphics" section in the overview? The kind of GPU you have will determine if Doomsday will run on your system.

    Heretic is available as shareware free of change (first episode only), or you can purchase the complete game, for example, from Steam.

    After you have Heretic on your system, you can launch Doomsday and configure it as needed. Doomsday should automatically find the game data files from the Steam version of Heretic. However, if you got the shareware WAD (lets say in "/Users/SILVER_J/Documents/Heretic"), you need to tell Doomsday to check for data files in that folder.

    Good luck, and let me know if you need more help. :smile:
  • My iMac is the 2018 model, and it says "Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB Graphics."

    I already bought the Heretic and Hexen Pack from Steam. I can't find any files.
  • Ok, since you have a recent iMac there shouldn't be GPU issues at least. (Once you get a game running, I would advice lowering the Pixel Density setting anyway to see if that improves frame rates significantly.)

    Now that I'm trying to install the game from Steam myself, I can see there's only a Windows version of Heretic available. Unless you happen to have a Windows computer on which you could grab the files, we need to figure out an alternative way for you to acquire the game WAD files...
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