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Crash duing launch

I launch it, it give a black screen, then exits, thats it. Nothing else

I would attach the doomsday.out but it this thing won't let me. It set to custom file but it doens't show up, i set it to all file and select it but it won't alllowed.

Wow, thanks


  • Please share some details about your setup: Doomsday version, operating system, graphics card and its drivers. (Most of this should be in the doomsday.out, though.)

    To attach the doomsday.out here on the forums, try first renaming it to doomsday.txt.
  • The latest 2.0.3, Windows 10, Intel HD 500, latest driver.

  • According to the log file, pretty much everything is in order...

    Have you tried the latest unstable build, by the way? It uses OpenGL 3.3 instead of the old OpenGL 2 compatibility mode. It could make some difference here.
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