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Cooperative Doom2 configuration query

Hey all,

Has anyone managed to run a classic coop game via Doomsday Shell version 2.0.3?

I've had success launching coop games via the shell, but I don't seem to be able to configure every setting correctly.

The situation seems to be this; I can launch a server with deathmatch weapons present and zombie ammo drops, or no deathmatch weapons and no zombie ammo drops.

The command server-game-coop-respawn-items 1 (or 0) doesn't seem to work.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get a coop game running properly?


  • Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get a coop game running properly?
    I tested server-game-coop-respawn-items in Ultimate Doom E1M1, where it did successfully cause the Armor powerups to be respawned after picking one up. (This option is only implemented in the Doom plugin.)

    What kind of a configuration are you looking for? One of the things on my todo list for 2.1 is more versatile / better MP gameplay options.
  • Hey Skyjake,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I probably haven’t managed to track down the correct server commands, I’d say.

    We’re after a classic coop style game, but have only managed to configure the server with either deathmatch weapons available in the coop game, or no deathmatch weapons but zombies don’t drop ammo.

    I'm currently using:
    server-game-nomonsters 0
    server-game-noteamdamage 0
    server-game-skill 3
    server-game-coop-respawn-items 0
    server-game-bfg-freeaim 0
    server-game-coop-noweapons 0
    server-game-coop-nodamage 0
    game-fastmonsters 0
    server-game-jump 0

    Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?

    The engine is fantastic by the way!
    All the best,
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