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Doomsday 2.03 crashes when loading level after entering first portal in 7 portals area?

I get to 7 portals and enter the first portal. It crashes while loading the next area. Here's the log and any help appreciated.


  • Are you sure this is the right log file? It says you are running version 1.10.4. Several Hexen bugs have been addressed since that release.
  • Well that's where the other post said to look...documents appdata etc. I do have both versions. Is there another place to look for 2.03?
  • Okay guess nobody can help. I was hoping to use this source port but I guess its back to the other.
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    The old Doomsday build 1.10.4 (Stable 32-bit #939) stores its log-file here:
    "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\runtime\doomsday.out"

    The stable Doomsday builds 2.0.3 store the log-file here:
    "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime\doomsday.out"

    You should verify that you are using the latest stable build (currently #2464) to rule out any old bugs that have been fixed since.
  • Thanks for the location. I tried Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders and it crashed loading the second level of the first episode. So its not game related I guess. Here's that file: It wouldn't let me use the same file name so had to change it a bit.
  • According to your log-file Doomsday crashed during the attempt to load the second level E1M2. The last available log entry shows that Doomsday's audio system started to playback the music "intr" looped. The next expected log-entry should read that the audio system starts playback of the music "e1m2".

    I think its a good idea to start by verifying that your HERETIC.WAD file is in proper order by checking its hash checksum.

    Please download the small tool HashMyFiles v2.24 x64 (~84 KB): download
    1. Extract HashMyFiles.exe to any folder you like and run it
    2. Add the file HERETIC.WAD to its interface via drag & drop
    3. The hash codes are generated automatically. To save the result press [Ctrl+A], then [Ctrl+S] and type in a filename
    4. Finally upload the resulting text file to this forum, just like you did with the log-file doomsday.out
  • That's weird as it does it on hexen as well at the seven portals. They are original files pulled from my own original cds purchased along time ago. Can you tell why 1.10.4 stopped working from the 1st doomsday file in the first post??
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    Yet the files may be corrupted due to CD reading errors (fallen bits) caused by dust/scratches. Please run the hash check I described above to verify your files. If we can check this off the list of possible root causes, we can move on and discuss further options.
  • They work in all other source ports. But okay I will do it when I can. I have gotten kind of busy. Please answer my question about why 1.10.4 won't work all of the sudden? As I said the file in the first post is from that version. I would really appreciate it? Thanks again!
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