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Possible mouse input bug - scrollwheel goes to other program/window

edited 2017 Nov 30 in Technical Support
(Did a quick scroll through here, didn't see it. Github issues seem to be...dead? Note also the website has a couple navigation links to, which doesn't exist.)

Just installed, encountered a hard-to-replicate (so far) issue, where using the scrollwheel (to change weapons) also was scrolling a window* open on my secondary monitor. (DoomII iwad, FWIW). Changing levels seemed to "reset" it for awhile, then started again. I tried messing w/ the overlay/control panel and various ways of returning to game (clicking UI, hitting esc) but couldn't replicate - just would eventually notice it not happening, and then later when it did it again.

*Visual Studio Code, which not-so-coincidentally had doomsday.nuspec open, as I was looking at creating a DENG package for Chocolatey.


  • We don't use Github for issues. The project bug tracker can be found at

    I'll fix the broken support link, it should just point here to

    The mouse wheel issue sounds like it could be a side effect of using Qt for mouse input. There are other minor glitches for example related to the handling of the Alt keys that might be of similar nature. The plan is to switch to a lower-level API for input events in the future.
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