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1.10.4 not working?

I had to have windows 10 reinstalled which wiped everything out. I reinstalled this version and it won't work anymore. It givesthis dump : Executable: Doomsday Engine 1.10.4 (Stable 32-bit #939) Jul 28 2013 09:02:44.
Command line (12 strings):
0: ..\Bin\Doomsday.exe
1: -basedir
2: C:\games\Doomsday/
3: -sfxchan
4: 16
5: -notexcomp
6: -game
7: hexen
8: -iwad
9: C:\Games\Doomsday\data\jhexen\HEXEN.WAD
10: -userdir
11: C:\Users\owner\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\runtime/
Window::initialize: Using Qt window management.
Initializing plugins...
(id:1) dehread
(id:2) doom
(id:3) heretic
(id:4) hexen
(id:5) wadmapconverter
Starting GuiApp event loop...
bad allocation
Application terminated due to exception:
bad allocation

Restoring original display mode due to shutdown.

I would appreciate any help fixing this issue as none of the games work.


  • The "bad allocation" error seems to occur at the time when the game window is about to be opened. This might suggest a problem with the OpenGL drivers.

    What kind of a GPU are using, and are its drivers up to date / reinstalled after your OS was reinstalled?
  • its a laptop with hd card. I never had this issue before now. Hope this helps!
  • I figured it out. Apparently there are 2 versions of 1.10.4. The one that don't work has where you can pick and setup profiles and is windows based. The one that works has you load the games from a command line. The icons are even different. Glad I figured it out as there is no other way I would want to play.
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