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"Input settings" missing in the main screen

Hello everybody,
I want to change the mouse sensitivity and invert it, I also see a lag but I can't find the input settings, though I can see it on screenshots from other persons, can you tell me how to get it back ?
I use Doomsday 2.0.3

Thank you in advance !


  • I just found it, thanks !
  • :)

    Also note that input settings are game plugin specific. This means all Doom-based games use one set of settings, while Heretic-based ones use a different one, etc.
  • I'm having this problem right now. Many of the options aren't showing up and there isn't any way to get them to show up that I know of.
  • @Lord Exor The Input Settings config menu item only shows up when a game is loaded. The config menu is accessible via the ⚙ Gear icon in the Doomsday task bar.

    That is because the input options are game plugin specific — there is currently no place to store them when a game isn't loaded.

    Let me know if you have a specific option that you're looking for.
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