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Alt-Tab not working

From what I can tell, the application is being very forceful about always being on top of every window, so even if it has lost focus and it is in fullscreen mode, it'll cover everything. Even task manager.... It does this on my other PC so I know it's not just me...

Is there a way to fix this besides going into windowed mode?


  • There are no options available that would modify fullscreen behavior.

    One alternative is to use the maximized window mode, which will keep other windows fully accessible and retain the desktop display settings.

    Do you have a particular use case in mind for Alt-Tabbing, or did you encounter an error situation where Doomsday lost focus and you got stuck as a result?
  • I didn't mean one case in particular. This happens a lot. Any time I alt tab the game stays on top of everything. The only thing that will go on top of it is the ctrl-alt-del menu but as soon as I click something like task manager, the menu closes and task manager stays behind the game.

    But I can always alt-tab back to the game and quit manually, so it's not that big of an issue. The only thing that worries me is if the game decides to freeze while I'm in fullscreen and I can't get out. Then I'll have no choice but to restart my computer.
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