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New error on launch - App Init Failed Gameidentitykey not found

I have been using Doomsday engine for 8 months or so - I recently purchased a new computer and restored my desktop and documents and clean installed all my programs including Doomsday Engine. It was working fine until last week when the DE hung and had to be closed via the task manager. When I tried to restart DE the splashscreen displays then is replaced by this error message after 10 seconds or so. I have uninstalled, deleted the frontend folder and reinstalled from both the install package and zip file without resolution. I love your product (and am stuck with my mother in law in my house for a week) so any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)


  • edited 2017 Sep 17
    This may be related to a problem with the "persist.pack" file. Try going to the folder "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime", and rename the file "persist.pack" to e.g. "persist.pack.old".

    This will cause Doomsday to reset some of your configuration settings to the default values, but it could fix the app init failure.

    Another possible cause could be a corrupt save file. If resetting "persist.pack" as described above does not help, could you zip the contents of your savegames folder (also inside that "runtime" folder) and send it my way for analysis?
  • Wow - ok I'm impressed with the quick feedback! I renamed the "persist.pack" and restarted DE - the error occurred and a new persist.pack was created. I deleted the new persist.pack and navigated to my savegames folder. I only ever played Ultimate and the save game file is attached. I deleted this file and DE started just fine. I restored the save file and on restarting DE the error returned. Hope this helps - thanks again for the quick response and let me know if I can provide any other info! - B
  • Reloaded my addon packages and everything is back to normal :)
  • No problem! :smile:

    I did a few test runs with your save file and sure enough it appears to be corrupted. I've made the necessary fixes so Doomsday will handle such cases appropriately in the future. I expect to include the fix also in the next 2.0 patch release.
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