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Recovering saved game files from other source ports

edited 2017 Aug 30 in Technical Support
Hello, I recently discovered Doomsday and I think that it's absolutely beautiful. I love the enhancements that have been made to the original engine. The lighting looks incredible and the overall atmosphere is perfect. It is my engine of choice for supported games and mods.

My issue is that I have saved game files created by other source ports, chiefly GZDoom, and rather than starting a new game from scratch, I was wondering if it was at all possible to convert those save files for use in Doomsday. I'm about halfway through a Doom II campaign and it would be tough to start over at the moment. I'm guessing that this is impossible but I thought that I'd ask anyway. Thank you.


  • I'm not sure whether ZDoom has customized their savegame format, which would make it incompatible. Doomsday does support importing old vanilla Doom save files (.dsg), if those are found in the runtime folder.

    You could give it a shot by copying your Doom II saves to "{doomsday-runtime}/savegame/doom2/". Note that this is "savegame", and not the currently used "savegames". You'll need to create the "savegame" and "doom2" folders manually. Then just start Doomsday and it should (maybe) auto-import the old saves for you.

    (Fingers crossed. :smile:)
  • Thanks for the response. I ended up playing through the campaign in Doomsday in order to catch up to where I was in ZDoom. Since I'm doing a vanilla play through right now, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play in Doomsday.

    I believe that ZDoom does use a custom savegame format. The saves are supposedly PNGs and are incompatible with other source ports from what I've gathered. I might give your method a try eventually just to see if it actually works but I highly doubt it. I've been loving Doomsday for vanilla play throughs of supported games - all of the Doom games and Hacx look incredible so far.oo
  • all zdoom based ports have the .zds save structure witch stores the standard save stuff then also stores what mods/acs scripts were used and notes changes to the scripts.
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