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Doomsday 2.0.3 crashes when trying to select iwad folder

edited 2017 Aug 28 in Technical Support
Hello everyone , as the title says when i try to select iwad folder or add-on and package folder it pops up the new window but i do not see any drives to select , i have waited more than 20 minutes but it crashes . My pc has an Asus z170-a motherboard , i7-6770 , 32gb ram , nvidia 1080 gtx 8gb ram , installation path is on an 512GB nvme toshiba M.2 , i think it meets the requirements . Any suggestions ?


  • Here are some things to try:
    • Switch Doomsday to windowed mode before trying to select the IWAD/Add-on folder. You can do this by pressing F11 or by toggling Fullscreen in Video Settings.
    • I was just debugging some related crashes in the latest unstable builds. You could give build 2430 a try.
  • Wow thank you very much , the F11 on build 2.0.3 did not work but after installing build 2430 it works in fullscreen mode . Great job i wish i could help with programming but i'm clueless . Keep up the good work :)
  • It seems the problem was in the destination folder . I never install in Program Files folder but when i did it worked fine
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