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Doomsday engine and custom wads

Hi guys, I just recently installed doomsday engine and after years of using gzdoom, crispy doom and chocolate doom I gotta say, I'm in love with this engine!

It's beautiful, smooth, and the gameplay GOD, it's just like the original DOOM and DOOM II. Not to mention it recognized all my wads from my steam folders, didn't have to set up anything! And the MENU, God it's amazing!

But I have a problem, I mean, is doomsday compatible with custom wads? Like for example, plutonia 2 ran fine when I ran it with plutonia but wads like vanguard.wad and unholy realms for example are totally broken. I'd spawn in walls, can't open doors etc...

Am I doing something wrong? I mean it's pretty straightforward to add a custom package to your doom, doom 2, tnt, plutonia wads. Do custom wads need to be in a specific folder or something?


  • Doomsday is generally compatible with custom WADs that work with the vanilla DOOM.EXE. If the WAD requires any Boom/ZDoom extra features, it won't work with Doomsday unfortunately.

    The way to use custom WADs is that you have them in a folder on your computer that Doomsday is aware of, and then add the WAD(s) and any accompanying other data files (such as DEH files) to a game profile in the Doomsday Home screen.

    In the Packages tab on the Home screen, there is also a quick way to try single-file mods/WADs by opening the file's info in the Packages list (right-click) and using the "Play in..." button to load that file in one of the existing game profiles.

    The folders that Doomsday checks for data files can be configured via the Data Files settings.

    Hopefully this helps! Glad to hear you're enjoying Doomsday. :smile:
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    Thanks! Oh yeah I'm definitely enjoying it, it truly is the best source port right now. The thing I like the most about it, is the movement. It's 100% old school, with zdoom and gzdoom you'd glide through the level, when I was a kid I didn't remember I could glide like that, with doomsday it's 100% how it was back in the 90's. >:)

    And all the extra graphical stuff is done so well, it's not intrusive, and it's refreshing, especially the lighting.

    About the wads, yeah that helps, thanks! Do you think doomsday will support those extra features by boom and zdoom in the future updates? I really wanna use this as my main source port. Risen3D is based of doomsday and it can run wads that require boom extra features. I've been recommended Risen3D on another forum when I asked the same question, but honestly even though it's based off of Doomsday, Risen3D just... Doesn't feel the same, it feels like a gimped Doomsday engine, honestly...
  • Btw, just realized you are the creator of the source port. Man... Gotta say, THANK YOU for creating such a good engine, from now on I'm playing DOOM, DOOM II and Final Doom only through DOOMSDAY :smiley:

    If you could somehow make it run custom wads that require those extra features by zdoom and boom, man, that'd be amazing!
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    evilman wrote: »
    If you could somehow make it run custom wads that require those extra features by zdoom and boom, man, that'd be amazing!
    Well, here's a high-level overview of the situation. Doomsday is a modular engine, meaning that its game support works via a plugin mechanism where you can attach different kinds of game plugins to the same generic engine. The Doom plugin is based on id's original linuxdoom release, which means it only has the vanilla feature set. Over the years, other source ports (like ZDoom) have added their own twists on the vanilla Doom sources separately from Doomsday. So the only way to feasibly support all those features would be to take the ZDoom sources and "port" it to work on top of Doomsday as a new game plugin.

    While this would provide all of the ZDoom gameplay related features, there are also some renderer features that Doomsday would have to add support for (for instance, sloped floors).

    All in all it would be a whole lot of work, although not impossible. When I get a chance (maybe post 2.1 release) I'm thinking about taking a closer look at this to have a better understanding of the feasibility of the approach.
  • Gotcha, thanks for the explanation. :smile:
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