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Cannot assign keyboard bindings linux

Cannot assign keyboard bindings in linux. I have ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit. Is it because i have a microsoft mouse and keyboard (yeah i know it's ironic being in linux with microsoft hardware).

Each time i try to assign control it's automatically assigning joy-x everywhere. Tried in DE doom 1/2.

I dont have this problem when i use freedoom 1/2 (prboom+)

Please help.


  • It sounds like the problem is that Doomsday is receiving input events from a gamepad/joystick device, or some other input device that it thinks is a joystick.

    Do you actually have a gamepad or joystick attached? If not, go to the Input settings and disable the game controllers settings. This will make Doomsday ignore those events.

    If you do have a gamepad/joystick and wish to use it, its deadzone settings need to be adjusted. I can give more info about that if you need it.
  • Input settings? Where? In DE GUI or in the loaded game settings. I Don't see input settings in DE... Can give you a screenshot if you want.
  • edited 2017 May 31
    Doomsday's Input settings are accessible via the DE task bar when a game is loaded. You can pop up the task bar by pressing Shift-Esc.


    For more information, check out this section in the Readme:
  • Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!
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