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server on windows 10

edited 2017 May 10 in Technical Support
Server Crash

QThreadStorage: Thread 0x187582a3170 exited after QThreadStorage 2 destroyed
QWaitCondition: Destroyed while threads are still waiting

Have everyone a Idea ?


  • Unfortunately that is not enough information to figure out what could be wrong...

    Is that the output from your "server-runtime\doomsday.out", or where was that shown? Is that during server startup or during gameplay?

    If that was during startup, one thing you could try is change where you keep your WAD files and specify the folder in the Shell Preferences window.
  • edited 2017 May 12
    I am now able to reproduce this error on my system. Will investigate...

    Created bug:

    EDIT: Please give the next unstable build a try, it should fix this issue. Also will be included in the 2.0.2 release.
  • Thats very very great
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