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Startup Issue

install uninstall, diff Versions no matter what I do something is blocking app from running past just the icon on the task bar.
I was just playing last night and was having fun, also used ps3 controller no issues till I reopened again the next morning.
is there a FIX or app wipe uninstaller that will wipe any files from the system ? IDK what to do.q5vh3vwk7i5k.jpg


  • anything at all would help I've been trying to fix this all day its driving me nuts!
  • right click on the icon and see if there is an option to maximize. I know this used to happen on earlier versions.
  • edited 2017 May 9
    Which version(s) of Doomsday are you trying to run?

    Please attach your doomsday.out log file, that might explain why Doomsday isn't starting properly.

    Deleting/renaming your runtime folder will effectively reset all your user files, which should help with any issues of bad config files etc. See the Readme for details about the runtime folder.
  • I did right click for options & just removed EVERYTHING and the registry also so no current out file. Starting over again to fix, day 2
  • no out file and removing everything did not help
    trying to use current version
  • its something to do with how it runs with the window mode if i ask it to stat max it will show, but normal or windowed nothing shows and the mouse arrow will not appear in the app
  • I guess ill just suffer................ "no Doom"
  • sx6dx9echx59.png


    *Thanks self for help* :smile:
  • You're using a very old version there. You may want to have a look at the more recent versions on the Builds page, unless you're using that version for a specific reason.
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