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Spectator mode and more (Suggestion)

edited 2017 Apr 30 in Technical Support
Would it be hard to implement spectator mode and leveling/achievements into the game like modern games have?

Spectator mode basicly is that you see what's happening ingame through another player's eyes, you can switch view to another player at any moment in time or choose to join the game. Not the way other ports are doing it, they make it hard to actually follow the game.
This is a useful feature when you plan on streaming live tournaments you're hosting.

Leveling up/achievements could be something giving people the incentive to play Doomsday over any other Doom port out there.
How fun is it when you see your name ranked on some highscores system? You could even make this use an API so people can create their own highscores/achievements for their own sites.

I hope you like these ideas as much as I do :smiley:


  • edited 2017 May 1
    I think these are both nice ideas. From a technical perspective, a spectator mode is the more challenging one. Some sort of achievements and a leveling system would be technically easy but one would have to put a lot of thought into which gameplay events would actually make fun/rewarding achievements.

    You're welcome to submit these as separate feature requests in the tracker. :)
  • I would, but I'm not receiving the confirmation email to register on it
  • Ah, I'll see if there's a problem with the web server...
  • Indeed there was an email configuration problem. I've manually activated your account, so you should be able to log in to the Tracker now.
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