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Why do some wads work and some do not?

I use Doomsday and a Doomsday launcher called Kick Start (Kicks.exe). I’m able to play about 70% of the wads I find online in high definition using the j Doom Resource Pack but my programs fail completely on the rest. Is there a newer version of these programs that will play some of the other wads? What happens when I try to open the new wads all I get is the regular old Doom 1 or Doom2 start up with a very low definition display. I also often but not always get a "segmentation violation" which stops those games that do play. Thanks


  • Unfortunately, Doomsday is not compatible with 100% of PWADs out there. If the WAD has been made to work with the original Doom 1 or 2, it should work in Doomsday. If the WAD has been created for ZDoom or some other source port, it likely won't be compatible with Doomsday.

    I should note that KickStart is very old at this point. That doesn't affect Doomsday's behavior itself, though, just the launch options.

    See here for Doomsday version history:
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