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So if packages/addons require metadata...

How do I load anything custom I made for myself? Or if I'm modding?

Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm confused. It just appears like everything has to go through a curated metadata list to work in Doomsday now?

I'm wrong right?


  • edited 2017 Apr 13
    If you make your own WAD or a PK3, for example, Doomsday will automatically internally generate the required metadata for it based on the file name, etc. It will show up in the Packages list and you can select it like any other data file. You just need to place the file in one of the Add-on/Package folders (or add the appropriate folder to the Data Folders list).

    Of course, such automatic metadata may not be complete or optimal for your mod's needs, but it will work.

    Metadata has to be manually provided only if you use the new native Doomsday ".pack" package format.

    When it comes to IWAD files of supported games, they have a separate set of identification rules (file size, names, CRC32, etc.) that are used to recognize the files. If an IWAD is not on this list and thus fails to be recognized, it will still be shown in the Packages list as a WAD file.

    Doomsday only allows using recognized IWADs to play games to avoid problems with potential incompatibilities in the IWAD.
  • Thank you for clarifying!
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