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Out of Sync Playing Doom Familly

I am playing Coop on Doom/Doom 2 between a Dell Win 10 (host also) and a 2011 MacBook Pro running OSX Sierra. Both machines are on a wifi network of a AirPort Extreme AC model connected at 5GHz.

Frequently the Mac will fall out of Sync and the player "doesn't exist", no longer affecting damage to monsters nor able to pick up items or open doors. What is causing this and is there anything I can do to resolve it? Very annoying.

Running Doomsday version 2293 (2.1) on both machines.



  • I have done minimal testing with multiplayer games in recent builds, so I'm afraid I have nothing more specific to offer here but to say that multiplayer functionality is the planned focus area for the stable 2.1 release. (The current unstable 2.1 are roughly equivalent to 2.0.)

    The problem you're having could be a long-standing bug, a recently introduced regression, or it could be some incompatibility between Windows and Mac networking.

    The good news is that I do have a Windows 10 desktop PC and a MacBook Pro myself, so I will be able to test a configuration very similar to yours.
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