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[HELP!] Keyboard Issue

Once I load up any game in DENG 2.00, the game doesn't recognize the keyboard the second I press escape to get the menu up and running. I can though, get in the DENG Overlay fine and close down the instance. Sometimes I do get a message in the top right corner something about keyboard not recognizable. But the problem is, it worked fine the first time I launched the game and played. I thought I should give it a try and re-open the game a few times, still ain't working. Any suggestions?


  • Maybe your control bindings were somehow broken? When you're in a game's main menu, open the console prompt with Shift-Esc and type the commands:
    This will restore all player control bindings to the defaults.
  • I guess :/ I found a temporarily fix up until the next version of Dengine. Just delete the bindings folder and set them up again. Thanks for the reply though. Something nor related to this, I'd say a FOV for view_models would be nice instead of a console command because after setting HUD FOV the weapons were no where to be seen. But then again that's just a suggestion.
  • edited 2017 Apr 16
    the higher you set hud fov the lower the weapon model drops, I had to set it down to 0 to bring them up to view but I'd prefer to raise them even higher but 0 is the max.
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