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play Heretic in 7.1 surround

edited 2016 Nov 19 in Heretic
Hi there. I just bought a virtual 7.1 surround pair of headphones. They seem to work properly with other games, but I can't seem to make them work in Heretic. I tried the OpenAL driver, but the sound is just stereo. It is 3d, you can hear from right to left properly, according to where the sound comes from, but I'd like to play in 7.1 surround, or at least, in 5.1. How do I set up the audio? I'm using stable version 1.15.8 .


  • At the moment the only thing you can do in Doomsday to affect this is to use the FMOD audio plugin and add the "-speaker71" (or "-speaker51") command line option. Since you are using 1.15, you can do this in the frontend (Settings > Developer > Custom options).
  • Worked like a charm!! Thanks a lot, skyjake!!
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