DE2 won't start [Classic Shell, Win10]

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I was going to wait for a stable version 2 but the new models coming out for hexen made me give v2 a try.
I've tried several different builds of V2 and get the same problem with them all.
I'm on Windows 10 but running Classic shell, when I start Doomsday 2 the DE logo comes up and then immediately I get a windows error that Doomsday.exe has quit working and will shut down, no other info given. I can't find a doomsday out for V2 anywhere. I'm using windows 10 pro 64 but have tried both 64bit and x86 builds with same result.

AMD FX8350 8 core
Windows pro 64 (classic shell)
Sabertooth motherboard
16 gig memory
Vapor-X 5770 video card. 1GB mem


  • Could you check if there is any relevant information in your runtime folder? The path is "C:\Users\(YourUserName)\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime" (i.e., the hidden AppData folder in your home folder).
  • Thanks for responding. The only thing there is an empty savegames folder and persist.pack. This is with the latest 64 bit build (2118) using the windows msi.
    Just as in previous tries, the DE logo comes up then a windows warning that doomsday.exe has stopped working then a quick box that says windows is looking for a solution and then another box that says A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
    I just don't understand what's going on. I have no problems at all with my stable 1.15.8 install but it won't run the new models or I would just settle for it.
  • My best guess is that there is some kind of a problem with your video card. How are its OpenGL drivers? A quick search suggests it is a Radeon from 2009, perhaps there are updated drivers available directly from AMD?
  • This is my OpenGL® Version
  • well thats interesting as i don't know if opengl is up that high yet? i have 4.5. you can get your true specs from steam.
  • Indeed, that's probably the driver version.

    Dday itself reports the OpenGL version it finds in the Dday out file.
  • just had a look at a fresh dday.out file and it confirms what i stated above and i have some added info on that note that dday provides (Version: 4.5.14008 Compatibility Profile Context the dday.out file also tells me that opengl 3.3 supported as this is an older build of the 2.0 branch unless 3.3 is still the minimum.

    Edit: 4.5 is the latest official version of opengl so if you have higher it's not from the opengl team.
  • the number above is straight from my Catalyst Control Center report (crimson).
    Steam reports my version as 4.5
  • wow CCC is dead as it has been replaced with a new settings for the amd gfx but you did say crimson so it's fine. there must be something wrong with your gfx drivers as mine dose not give me an opengl version tho i think there is an update to my gfx drivers.
  • - OK, DE2 is working finally but what a chore it was. I suspected that "Classic Shell" was the problem. I uninstalled it reverting back to normal Window 10 but still V2 wouldn't run and gave the same error message and no Doomsday.out file. I thought that maybe, though I uninstalled Classic shell, my win 10 may have been corrupted in some way. Using Windows Media Creation Tool I installed the latest version of win 10 saving only my personal files (not apps) and installed DE2 once again and it worked but after reinstalling Classic Shell again it failed as before so I had to go through the whole routine of uninstalling and reinstalling all but Classic Shell. I'll just have to learn the crappy win 10 interface I guess. Thanks for the support. All I need to do now is figure out how to load and run Packs and pk3 files.
  • win 10 interface is a combo of 7 and 8 and i was able to figure it out just fine lol.
  • I'm now using a trial version of "Start10". So far I like it a lot and it doesn't interfere with DE2 like Classic Shell did. When my 30 day trial is over I'll probably spend the $4.99 for the fully registered program.
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