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Doomsday 1.15.8 server setup help

edited 2016 May 11 in DOOM
Hello, I have been using the Doomsday Engine for many years and absolutely love it. I grew up playing Doom and I thank everyone who developed the engine so much for their efforts and I also thank anyone who may be able to help me with this:

I have been trying to set up a multiplayer server that a bunch of my friends can connect to that live close to me so we don't have any lag issues. I figured out how to do it for LAN in my own house only but I can't figure out how to get the server to show up on the master server and be able to have my friends connect to it from their homes. I am currently running Doomsday 1.15.8 and have pretty much all of the add-ons installed from Here is what my autoexec.cfg file has in it:

net-ip-port 13209
server-game-coop 1
server-game-skill 2
server-game-jump 1
server-game-coop-respawn-items 1
server-game-respawn 1
server-name "King's Coop Game!"
server-info "Come join my game"
server-player-limit 8
server-public 1
setmap 1 1

If someone could walk me through exactly (step by step) what I need to do to get my server to show up on the master server and have it so people can connect to it from their homes that would be great. I followed everything on and I believe I can see my server but I just can't connect to it. I actually see two servers come up and I can only connect to the LAN on I believe. I am not the greatest with networking but do have some friends that could help me figure it out. Thank you all so much.


  • Glad to hear you're enjoying Doomsday. :)

    If you are seeing your server listed on the master server page here on the website, it means you should be most of the way there. However, there are a couple of common pitfalls that prevent people from connecting to your server from the internet.
    • Your computer may be running a firewall (such as Windows Firewall) that is preventing others from connecting to your server. The firewall, if any, should be configured to allow incoming connections via TCP and UDP on port 13209 to the doomsday-server executable.
    • Depending on how internet gets routed to you, you may need to configure TCP/UDP port forwarding on your router device. This is especially crucial if you have a NAT setup, where addresses on your local network are different from your public IP address. You'll need to forward the TCP and UDP ports 13209 to the machine running the Doomsday server app.

    With those details fixed, client connections coming from the internet should be successful.

    (It should be noted that there is a technology called UPnP that handles these network configuration steps automatically, but Doomsday doesn't yet take advantage of it. I am planning to look into this at some point, though.)
  • Thank you skyjake! I am still working on it and will post back if I can get it to work. Yes I can see my server here on the master server list. I tried to just turn off the firewall just to see if that made a difference and it doesn't... still can't get anyone to connect. I will now try your recommendations. Thanks for the help.
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