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Can someone please confirm two bugs in Heretic?

edited 2015 Apr 4 in Heretic
Could someone please confirm two possible bugs in Heretic (both in stable 1.14.5 and Build1553)?

1. Incorrect Skill Level ammo count. On Skill Levels 1 & 5, Heretic is giving double normal ammo (like Doom), when it should in fact be only +50%:-

Start a game on Skill Level 4 "Thou Art A Smite Meister", say E1M1 and pick up an elven wand ammo next to you. It gives the correct +10. Now start a game on Skill Level 5 "Black Plague Possesses Thee" - it gives a false +20 instead of +15. I tested it on an old copy of JDoom v1.8.6, and it gives the correct +15, so somewhere in the newer versions, it looks like the +100% / 2x Doom skill variable ammo modified is being incorrectly used for Heretic instead of the +50% / 1.5x Heretic one.

2. Fast Monsters switch doesn't work for Heretic (but does for Doom). As title said, typing in "-fast" in Settings -> Developer -> Custom Options on both the game itself and "Shared settings" does not force monsters to fast in Heretic on skill level 4 "Thou Art A Smite Meister", but does in Doom "Ultra Violence". Is this a bug? Is there any way of forcing fast monsters without skill level 5 in the console?



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