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doomsday-host help

edited 2015 Jan 23 in Technical Support
When i try run doomsday server built from "doomsday-1.14.5 stable" on ubuntu 14.10

dave@galvatron:~$ cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 14.10 \n \l

dave@galvatron:/opt/doomsday/bin$ ./doomsday-server --version
Doomsday Engine 1.14.5 (Stable 64-bit) Jan 23 2015 15:21:58

dave@galvatron:~$ python -V
Python 2.7.8

I get this error
dave@galvatron:~$ /opt/doomsday/bin/doomsday-host 
list index out of range

Contents or ~/doomsdayhost.rc
dave@galvatron:~$ cat ~/.doomsdayhostrc 
		<server port="13209" game="doom2"
			name="NZ/AU DOOM2 Deathmatch"
			info="New Zealand and Australia dedicated doom2 Deathmatch server"

contents of ~/hosts.cfg
dave@galvatron:~$ cat host.cfg 
#things common to all games go here
server-password "PASSWORDHIDDEN"
server-public 1"

contents of ~/dm-dwango05.cfg
dave@galvatron:~$ cat ~/dm-dwango05.cfg 
net-ip-port 13209
server-game-deathmatch 1
server-name "NZ_AU_Dwango5_Dm"
server-info "Dwango5 Dedicated server"
server-player-limit 8

setmap 1
server-game-mapcycle "T:10 1* 2*"

server-game-jump 1
server-game-nomonsters 1
server-game-skill 3
server-game-deathmatch-killmsg 1
server-game-bfg-freeaim 1
server-game-noteamdamage 0


contents of ~/
dave@galvatron:~$ ls -a
DOOM2.WAD        dwango5.wad dm-dwango05.cfg .doomsdayhostrc doomsdayhost.log  host.cfg

doomsdayhost.log has no output


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