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Strife is getting a digital release

edited 2014 Dec 12 in General
Night Dive have acquired the rights for Strife after the game had been lost in legal limbo and are about the re-release it digitally. For new it will be Steam-only, but a GOG release will come "in the near future" according to Night Dive.

They have bundled it with some source port and call it the "Veteran's Edition", probably so they could raise the price, but we'll see about that when it gets released. I know one of the Doomsday developers, forgot who, said he would like to port Strife eventually, so here is some extra motivation ;)


  • Yeah I would be interested in working on Strife support at some point. Looking at the screenshots on Steam, they seem to be using some interesting shadow mapping. Will have to buy this and see how's it working. :)
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