Reinchard's Hi-res Doomguy face

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Please guys don't laugh, this is my first attempt with graphic of face, so be compassionate :) I know, hair looks like shit, but is inly placeholder. Just trying make some high-resolution Doomguy face.


  • laugh? why would we laugh at that?
    that looks pretty awesome if you ask me!

    he doesnt really look much like the doomguy yet,
    and it could use some work but i think it still looks pretty great!

    thats quite impressive :)
  • A heck of a lot better than anything that currently exists (realism-wise). The hair on the head is also realistic.
  • maybe a bit too gaunt in the cheeks.

    but very well done, looking good, I think it is quite close to the doomguy
  • That looks pretty well done to me Reinchard.
    I had my go at the doom guy face some years ago, but I made them at a much smaller scale.
    I think it was around 42 frames? at somewhere around 256x scale.

    Looks good though man!
    Just remember, before doing more frames that such detail will never be seen in the HUD display..
    Just a small warning so you don't waste your time on all the rest of the frames at that scale.
    It really is a lot of work for the amount of frames for animation.
    If you decide to do them though, may I suggest redoing sprites, monsters etc instead..? those are really needed in terms of hi-res recreation!

    Unless of course it is to only be based on the video that Gary posted? it's a really nice hi-res revision! :)
    Damn fine job!

  • Yes, I think about remaking some other sprites. Thank you guys for good words and your opinions! That head was first modeled in MakeHuman program, and after that I'm working in it in Photoshop. I plan to create in this way a skin for 3d model, which can be animated. But, for now, is only a test - I was wondering if it is even possible to remake that face in realistic way.
  • So what you guys say about this:
    Is it our Doomguy or not?
  • I like the face and hair color of the second but the hair style from the fist looks more correct to me. But I'm no stylist.
  • I would love to be able to use that skin on my doomguy 3d model i'm making
  • Reinchard wrote:
    So what you guys say about this:
    Is it our Doomguy or not?
    Can you brighten the eyes just a little bit?
    I know in reality the light source would almost be completely above him, but the eyes are a bit dark.
  • Note, I split this into it's own topic.
  • I'll say it again. The hair on the first face looks best, but the color is off. The second face looks better but the hair is off. Combine the two and fix the hair color and you have a great looking doomguy. I would agree that the eye area is a bit dark but who knows what it would look like in game.
  • I improved a few things, but there is still some work to do. Here's current version:
  • looks good :)

    looks a lot more like the doomguy already :D
  • Tell me honestly is it Doomguy or not:

    And here is first approach to a another frame (very WIP):

    I plan tro add that face to my animated model, so rest of frames will be taken from that model. KuriKai - you can use it as a skin to your Doomguy model.
  • It is Doom guy as a realistic version, yes. Also, it might be neat if you added some frames when the eyes move to make it even more real. It would be amazing.
  • looks good!

    only the hair looks a bit odd, it looks strange taht he has different color hair
    you should change it so that all of his hair is the blonde color

    except for that it looks fantastic!
  • vYXwM3w.jpg




    I decide to stop working on that face for now. You can use that graphic for anything. If someone can make from this rest of frames, that will be awesome.
  • Giving up so soon? :P
  • oooh that looks fantastic, i love it <3

    dun stop now, you've come so far already and are pretty much halfway there!
  • I think the hair looks like it cuts off at the edges, rather than er, wraps around the head like hair does.

    Or maybe it's because, even taking into account the shaved sides, he looks to have a lot of hair on the fringe.
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