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Saving a game in multiplayer mode in Heretic

edited 2014 Jun 2 in Heretic
Hi there. Forgive if I'm persistent, but I'm asking here because I didn't got a answer in the General Forum. Is there a way to save the game in multiplayer mode in heretic? When I try to save, either by pressing F2 or via game files->save game, nothing happens. It just doesn't take me to the save slots. Is there a way? I'd really need it, since go through an entire episode of heretic takes a long time, and I don't think my friend and I have that long time available, in one walkthrough. Is there any way?


  • Sorry, multiplayer saves are currently not supported.
  • I see. Thanks anyway.
  • This is a very interesting moment, my question to Deng Team: any older versions of the engine can save multiplayer games or it is not possible only in new versions?
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