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control panel? is it completely disabled?

edited 2013 Nov 17 in General
ok, installed new 1.12.2

ok, i know that

The Control Panel has been replaced with menus that can be accessed via the task bar.
all of it is good, but where except config can i find some options which was in control panel and can(how) i open control panel?

for example : ambient lighting, smooth texture disabling, etc


  • I don't know if this will help or not. I believe it mentions how to access the menus that allow adjustments to the engine.

  • Settings which used to be in the old control panel are now accessed from the Renderer Settings menu of the task bar. Open the task bar and click the 'gear' button next to the DE logo button to reveal the settings menu. Here you will find a Renderer menu item that opens the renderer settings dialog.

    Renderer Settings
    In the renderer settings dialog you'll see a 'gear' icon next to your current appearance profile. If the current profile is "Defaults" then you will first need to create a new profile before you can edit it (duplicate it and give it a new name). Once you have a new profile you can then edit that profile in the Appearance side bar editor (click Edit from the same menu).

    Appearance Editor
    Here is where you can easily change all of the settings which were formally in the control panel.

    This should be documented in the wiki...
  • ok, thanks for useful info.
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