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Update #2 for Doomsday 1.11

edited 2013 Aug 31 in News
We have released version 1.11.2 that patches some incorrect behavior and improves stability.
  • Doom: Crash trying to give a weapon unavailable in the current game mode (e.g., cheats)
  • Hexen: Ineffective Speed Boots
  • XG: Incorrect handling of dummy lines
  • libcommon: Misinterpretation of skill level zero
  • libcommon: Player movement speed inconsistensies
  • Map Renderer: Fatal error firing the BFG in DOOM mod "Astrostein"
  • Applying window configuration command line options (e.g., -window)
  • Server: Fatal error trying to use endgame
  • libdeng2: Performance improvements
Download: build971 | Release notes for 1.11.2


  • Very good :) , it is a pity that no one plays it in multiplayer, as have some mod that provides the doomsday is difficult (without counting the mod Doom 3D)

    more ..... how low the build I do not see any link link, already tried looking at not think the new version of the build, could help please? :-/
  • single player is underrated while multiplayer is overrated.
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