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fmod ubuntu 13.04 64bit no music 1.12.0(947)

edited 2013 Aug 6 in Technical Support
Fmod does not seem to be playing music in doomsday 1.12.0(947)
Ubuntu 13.04 64bit
first time ever installing fmod onto the machine. (same time as installing 1.12.0(947))
uninstalling doomsday-fmod and music works again

Also, sound effects have a fuzzy effect when first starting up doomsday using fmod. changing a sound setting seems to fix the problem temporarily(until restart)


  • Well, I tried a clean install of Ubuntu 13.04 64bit with the latest 1.12 unstable + FMOD. After setting the correct "music-soundfont" cvar, the music plays just fine. A soundfont (SF2/DLS) is required when running with the FMOD plugin.

    I did not encounter sound quality issues.
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