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Update #4 for Doomsday 1.10

edited 2013 Aug 1 in News
We have released a 4th patch for version 1.10 that brings several fixes from the newer 1.11 branch to improve engine and game behavior.

Please note that this is a patch for the older stable version 1.10. If you can run 1.11 without issues, there is no reason to use 1.10.x. We are keeping the 1.10 series alive for a little longer than usual so that people with Windows XP and/or old video cards can benefit from some of the latest enhancements.

This patch is not available via the automatic updater. If you wish to use it, a manual installation is required.

If you have already been running 1.11 and wish to downgrade, please note that you may have to delete the persist.pack file in your runtime folder. This will reset some of the engine's settings to the defaults, including window position/size and autoupdater configuration.
  • libdeng2: Use the correct build number (instead of today's), fixes upgrade/downgrade detection
  • libcommon: Random crash when binding controls in the Controls menu (64-bit only)
  • libcommon: Removed duplicated Intermission after a debriefing InFine
  • Windows: Automap not visible in any game
  • Show map title and number when automap is open
  • All Games: Cheats not functional in multiplayer
  • Heretic|Hexen: ctl-inventory-use-next correctly wraps around the inventory
  • Heretic|Hexen: Default look up/down key bindings were reversed
  • Heretic|Hexen: Crash when drawing inventory with certain settings
  • Heretic: Play ARTIUP when picking up artifacts
  • Heretic: Ambient sound stuttering in multiplayer
  • Heretic: Powered-up Wand Crystal missiles
  • Heretic: Hell Staff rain was coming down at an angle
  • Heretic: Fit episode finale texts to the screen
  • Heretic: Removed extra floorclipping on water/lava/sludge splashes
  • Heretic: Time bomb spawned at incorrect height, improved look of explosion
  • Hexen: Crash when Dark Servant deals damage
  • Hexen: Crash when morphing a Dark Servant
  • Hexen: Amount of armor from the Bracers artifact
  • Resources: Ensure the correct slashes are used in model definition file paths
  • OpenAL: Errors uploading audio data, crash at shutdown
  • Snowberry: Use the -loglevel option
  • Snowberry: GL texture compression disabled by default
  • Deh Reader: Correctly update sprite name and action tables (fixed HacX glitches when loaded at runtime)
Download: Build939 | Release notes for 1.10.4


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