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Changing the skill level of a netgame through shell command

edited 2013 Aug 1 in General
I read an article or two about how to change the skill level by using "server-game-skill = x" in the shell, but that didn't work. I've also tried to edit the configuration file, but nothing has worked. It is stuck in ultra violence. Any ideas what to use? I'm using doomsday 1.10.


  • Try this in the Shell:
    server-game-skill 2
    (i.e., without the =)

    The new level takes effect when the map is changed (warp/setmap).
  • Sorry about the incredibly long delay on an answer back. That actually never worked right. I tried what you suggested, and it's still stuck on ultra-violence. I put it in at all different times. Before the game starts, during the game, even after I change the map. Did you guys ever figure out when those options will be implemented completely?
  • Firstly, remember that the 'server-game-skill' option expects 0-4 and not 1-5 like the -skill command line option.

    That said, I agree that the sever-game-skill command appears to not be working, at least when trying to change the skill of an active game (and after also performing the required level change).

    Well vanilla also has an unintended skill 0 that Dday doesn't support, that led to a map with nothing on it except the player starts, but that's getting off topic.
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