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Unable start player session after dedicated server started

edited 2014 Dec 13 in Technical Support
Is something changed in resent dengine version? Now with latest release I cannot run dedicated server and play session on the same machine. I remember I could do this previously, 6 months ago. I first start dedicated server, my friend joins my server, but I cannot start game session, it just does not start. If I kill server session, I can start player session right away.


  • Which version are you talking about? The stable 1.9.10 should be working ok, but the unstable 1.10 is not at the moment -- I'm revising the server by moving it into a separate executable.
  • I´m using stable 1.9.10. When dedicated server session is started, and I click "play", nothing happends, it only tries to launch, but that´s it. I asked my friend to try same thing in his computer, and the behaviour is exactly the same.
  • Skyjake just released which is supposed to fix the bug
  • reg wrote:
    Skyjake just released which is supposed to fix the bug
    Ouh yeah, rock´n roll! It works now with this fix.
  • Well, it works by doing login, but strange things are happening now, like when I skip levels and I'm being shot by an enemy, the screen stays red and doesn't reset, and I can't open doors, shoot anything or pickup any items. Should I logout after I've setmap-ed the level?

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