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With 3D models and high level graphics, the game glitches

edited 2012 Jun 18 in Technical Support
Running Windows 7 x64 SP1, 4gb ram and Radeon HD4870 1GB, with few graph add-ons enabled, the game really glitches. It´s playable somehow as single play, with monsters, but as a multiplay game when you need to be fast, it cannot do. I upgraded latest ATI drivers and I have no issues with other games I play.

I have these addons included:


  • These kind of issues seem to be a trend with recent Radeon drivers. I wonder if they don't like some of the dynamic texture states changes we are making.
  • Or it's some extra overhead caused by the texture compression: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1098
  • Perhaps a bug in the compression implementation in the driver? Does disabling those extensions have a bearing on this?
  • DaniJ wrote:
    Does disabling those extensions have a bearing on this?

    If I start a game without any graphical imporvement add-ons, it runs fine. I tried to track, which one of these add-ons makes the game to glitch, but it feels like there is no particular add-on, it might be a combination of different ones. For example, a set without 3D-objects but with highlever graphics (walls, sky) makes the game to glitch.

    Do you think is there any since of finding the working combination of settings, or do we just have to wait for something to happend...?
  • WhoW! Disabling ""use texture compression"" really helped me out here! <:-P
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