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Going, Going, Gone

edited 2008 Jan 22 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>Yagisan</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the category: Blog.</i>

I'm off to greener pastures. While doomsday has some interest for me - the users do not.

I decide what I spend my free time on: fixing problems, making improvements and catering to fucktards like - and I single out in particular BahamutZERO939 from the newdoom forums - isn't what I want to do.

By now, you should be aware I've been banned from newdoom. Thats right - banned. Why did it happen - well - certain users are fucking idiots that waste our valuable technical support time - like BahamutZERO939 - you may thank him for his contribution to ensuring you get a Christmas release (or most likely no Christmas release this year).

None of you compensated me for any of the work I did in any way, and while some of you appreciated it, the rest of you acted like a bunch of self-righteous little pindicks. I will not miss you.

People interested in maintaining the *NIX/OSX port should contact DaniJ to get started - I'm not interested in helping any further. The problems that made me want to work on doomsday have long been solved, and frankly - your problems don't interest me.

1.9.0beta5.2 was my final release. My final fixes for midi on *NIX will remain uncommitted. The mp3 file playback hack I have will remain uncommitted. I have backed out all the half finished things I was working on. Perhaps one of you will be bright enough to re-implement them.


  • I will be sad to see you go :(. Not least because you did so much to get linux support stable, but also because reading your retorts is always a good laugh.

    It actually makes me nauseous how Newdoom politics has been the straw that broke the camels back. For god's sake deng team, move away from that place, the atmosphere is seven layers of eeeeeevil.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>haarp</b>.</i>

    Yagisan, rethink this. Don't leave Doomsday, it's the best Doom port IMO and it needs guys like you. There are people out there that care about deng and appreciate the work all of you do! I'm one of them, and I even filed a bug or two just because I want this to be the perfect Doom port...

    Besides, I loved your Debian packages that worked flawlessly. I would help, really, if I knew how to code or mod. But all I'd be good for is bug testing and a bit bash scripting. Not really helpful.

    deng already is under-staffed. Please don't leave
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Ajapted</b>.</i>

    Yagisan, your expectations about working on a project like this are <b>seriously</b> out of whack. You really expected compensation (money or gifts) for your bug fixes?? Get real.

    Plus you should learn to ignore the idiots. I can't understand why you let that one guy get to you so much and piss you off. It wasn't him that got you banned, it was your own behavior.
  • If you expect me to put up with and service the countless moronic requests I get - then yes - I expect compensation (not specifically money or gifts - it's surprising what a thank you will get - you do know all the donations disappeared into skyjakes account and he disappeared long ago).

    I made it abundantly clear on many occasions that there is no obligation to support users, and I'd already diagnosed the problem. Like the idiots that many of them are they continue to complain and ignore the fact their problems have been identified as being something not caused by the project.

    I'm quite aware the knives would be out by now, I've even heard one wanker thinks he is cool by mention my kids in a reply. Pity no one has the balls to say anything to my face - theres a reason I have little to no respect for most people there.

    My expectations from this project where simply I work on what interests me, and if you want me to do something that doesn't - like listen to you repeatedly complain about something deleted months ago, or fixed in the current beta you don't want to try - you should compensate me.

    Do I think the project is dead - sure I do. Due to internal politics I have patches that have been sitting here almost a year now that wouldn't be committed due to "imminent release". There is no imminent release - skyjake pissed off leaving the engine rather broken and unsuitable for release, and my goals of making the game work identically on all platforms conflict with Dani's desire to do more native integration of his platform of choice.

    The remaining developer wants to continue fostering a culture of bending over and taking it up the arse to make the users happy - good luck to him - I see that as the fast track to burn out. This isn't commercial software - you've paid nothing for it - and nothing is the support level you should expect.

    I heard that BahamutZERO939 is acting all technical and holier than thou about his problem now - glad to see that means he'll write a patch to solve his problem them, like he could have done in the first place.
  • I should point out, that any disagreement between myself and DaniJ is purely over technical issues. I do wish him best of luck in his development endeavors, although he really needs a non-microsoft compiler to test with too.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Krade</b>.</i>

    Ugh, that's such a shame. I've been lurking once in a while, for almost one year or so, waiting for a Universal Binary of the Doomsday Engine to come out.

    I guess that the worst part of being a developer like this is that you don't hear from the great majority of your users, you aren't even aware that they exist. It may look like you're working your ass off only to please a bunch of ungrateful people who hang around complaining (so very often, people only bother contacting developers when something is broken). However, you're benefiting a lot more people than you originally thought of. At least, that's how I think that it usually ends up for most freeware and open source developers.

    Then again, aren't we are a little guilty of never thanking the developers who put so much effort into the tools that we use every day?

    Really sorry to see you go, looks like we'll never see Doom running on Intel Macs without some sort of emulation. Ouch.
  • Although Yagisan has left the deng team I don't believe that means the nail in the coffin of Mac or *nix support. Particularly Mac support as that was/is handled by skyjake.

    It is a real shame Yagisan decided he had had enough but thats his decision and I respect that. I wish him the best in whatever he turns his hand to and I hope he'll keep in contact with us.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Samedi</b>.</i>

    Yagisan appears sometimes to lend DaniJ a hand, or that's what the CIA says so, but I don't think he's really doing any nifty things
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Samedi</b>.</i>

    mmmh...and I also think that if DENG gets it's own Forum, he'll return again, and so...
  • I am still in regular contact with DaniJ. I have recently been working on my Deng-NG project, but I am keeping an eye on Deng. At the moment I'm waiting on DaniJ to finish the large item he is working on before touching the *nix code base, but I have been adjusting it as he gets parts done.
  • I'm no longer involved in Deng in any way now that is more then what a normal user would be.
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