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Do you plan to create 3D mobs in the future?

edited 2014 Jan 13 in General
Hello there,
I just tried Doomsday Engine and it's very nice!

I noticed that some objects are not made in 3D: monsters, armor and health items, barrels, candles.
I wonder if you plan to ever make them in 3D ?

I guess the barrels and health and armor items involve much less effort to create in 3D than mobs.



  • Doom uses Sprites by default, to render 3D objects one would have to supply the 3D models and tell the engine to use them. Both of this is possible when you download the add-on pack from here (and yes, it has 3D monsters as well):
    I highly doubt that this will ever be bundled with the engine by default and I think it should stay like that. Not everyone likes the 3D models (I find them hideous personally), so it makes no sense to waste download time and disk space on them for everyone. Once you installed the add-on you can turn on 3D models in the renderer settings in game. There are also other add-ons like music packs, texture packs and interface packs.
  • Thanks.
    Indeed the mobs 3D models are not polished at all. They could have been much better. However, objects like ammo, armor/health packs look much better in 3D. And also weapons look much better (before you pick them).
    It's a good start, hopefully one day someone will make some cool 3D models for the mobs.
    And gosh, the high-resolution textures are epic!

    I had a little problem with the pack for better SFX: pk-doom-sfx-20100109.pk3
    I have put it in the same folder like the music pack: inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday\snowberry\addons"
    and it doesn't show like the others do, under the "All addons" folder. But in the end I noticed that it will show in the right pane if you click "All addons".

  • Maybe making a KickStarter campaign for making better monsters in 3D will be a good idea.
    There are millions of people who started playing FPS games with Doom, the game has a special place in their heart. I, for example, would gladly put 5 bucks for that.
    A few thousand bucks can pay an artist to make some good looking models
    This is an old video i have improved most of monster skin with photoshop to 1024x1024 skins and for better details
  • Check out how the DOOM will now look like if you use add-ons:
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