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Game plays recording of sermon on start

So, this is a frankly bizarre technical issue that I'd like some help fixing, or at least figuring out how it occurred. Basically, I've recently installed the Doomsday Engine along with the DOOM wad straight from Id's archived site. However, on game start, a sound file of my mom doing one of the lay services from the UU church we go to starts playing in addition to the game BGM and SFX. Said recorded sermon keeps playing even after exiting DOOM itself, and only stops on closing Doomsday Engine.

Here's what I've tried so far:
-Chocolate DOOM doesn't have this problem, but graphics
-Completely deleting and reinstalling the Doomsday Engine and getting a fresh copy of the WAD did not help.
-Digging through every single folder, I've been unable to find a copy of mom's sermon that somehow got in there.

So, seeing as I don't particularly want to hear mom go on an hour-long rant about stories each time I play DOOM, does anyone


  • unfinished original post; meant to finish with "does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?"
  • Good news: taking the CD with mom's sermon out of the optical drive made the problem go away. Still no idea why the problem only happened now with Doomsday instead of earlier, though.
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