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[Solved] Issues with Windows 10 Multiplayer (Lag every 4-5 seconds)

edited 2018 Oct 7 in Technical Support
I was wondering if anyone else have this issue in joining active multiplayer servers. It works fine on my operating system of Windows 7 computer but when I go to my Windows 10 computer it seems to lag (stops enemies movements) on every 4 to 5 seconds and restart movements afterward. I'm using the recent stable 2.0.3 Doomsday Engine on both computers.. Any verification what could be the problem for Windows 10?


  • SOLVED. Disregard this question. Apparently, I have pinpointed the problem finally. It was a NetGear wireless usb adapter which caused the problem. A model which in fact have issues (causes cutout) on the transmission. My apology...
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