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[Solved]Server not starting with build 2822+, 2814 is fine (ubuntu 18.04 server) [fixed in 2829]

edited 2018 Oct 1 in Technical Support
Using a fresh installed server, with package 2.1.0-build2814 the server is starting fine, no issue.

If I update to 2.1.0-build2822, I get this error:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

same with 2823, 2824, 2828.

I'm starting the server with those parameter:
doomsday-server -game doom2 -iwad ~/.doomsday/iwad/ -p ~/.doomsday/cfg/d2twid.cfg -userdir ~/.doomsday/serverdir/d2twid -file ~/.doomsday/pwad/D2TWID.wad


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