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Low FPS and Sluggish/Delayed Mouse Movement?


Render Appearance is Defaults (Built-in)
I deactivated the Vanilla 35hz Input Rate (helped a lot, but still somehow sluggish)
I tried also deactivating the 3D model without success, tweaked a lot around in the options and still, the mouse still sluggish, I remenber when I tried this engine looooong time ago @10 years and I recall the mouse being very instant movement.

Also the FPS is ranging from 50-65 anything tips I can do to fix the low fps and mouse sluggishness? I tweaked a lot in the options to make fps better without success, because I think the FPS and mouse sluggishness might be related (it's just a delay compared to my real movement you know)

Pc specs in case this is necessary:
RX 480
16 gb DDR4
i7 7700K
Playing under an SSD

Thanks in Advance!


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