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Need info about how V1.13 finds "Documents" folder

I have an installation of Doomsday V1.13 I've been using for years. I'd like to upgrade to the newest version, but before I do I have some file system reorganization I'd like to complete. That work involves getting Doomsday to look in the correct place for my "Documents" folder where it creates its "Doomsday Frontend" folder.

BTW This is on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

Now, at some time in the past (too long ago to remember) I redirected my "Documents" folder to point to another location ("D:\Home\Documents") and ran Doomsday many times with that set-up. I've since reset the Documents folder in Windows back to the default location ("C\Users\my-name\Documents") but Doomsday continues to look in the old place. For example, if I delete "D:\Home\Documents\Doomsday Frontend" and then launch Doomsday, the folder gets recreated. Additionally, there is no Doomsday folder (of any kind) under "C:\Users\my-name\Documents" (FWIW Lots of other programs I've installed have stuff there, so there's no problem with the folder.)

Can someone tell me how Doomsday V1.13 (not the latest) finds the "Documents" folder, and what I must do to get it to look in the correct place?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    To help answering your question I just downloaded and run a fresh installation of Doomsday v1.13 which uses the now discontinued Snowberry launcher. Besides the "Doomsday Frontend" folder preferences are saved to *.pyo files which are stored in the folder \Doomsday\Snowberry\Plugins\.

    To restore the default settings delete the following items. Ensure that Doomsday and Snowberry are not running:
    • \Doomsday\Snowberry\Plugins\*.pyo (del .pyo-files only)
    • \Doomsday\Snowberry\Plugins\tab30.plugin\Contents\tab30\*.pyo (del .pyo-files only)
    • \users\%username%\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\*.* (remove entire folder)
    • \users\%username%\AppData\Local\Deng Team\*.* (remove entire folder)

    Now starting Snowberry you are guided through the initial setup process.
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