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Doomsday 2.0.3 crashes when testing with DoomBuilder2

I have DoomBuilder2 configured to test using the Doomsday exe C:\Program Files\Doomsday 2.0.3\bin\Doomsday.exe and using the customized parameters -game doom -iwad "%WP" -file "%AP" "%F" -warp %L1 %L2. But when I click the test button in DoomBuilder2 all I get is "doomsday.exe has stopped working".

Also, in the old version 1.15.8 I was able to use these settings:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday\bin\doomsday.exe
with customized parameters: -game doom2 -iwad "%WP" -file "%AP" "%F" - notexcomp -wnd
to test maps for Doom2 but not Doom!

And yes, I have the registered versions of both IWADS.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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