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Darker Heretic Pack

edited 2017 Feb 21 in Heretic
update version with minor changes:


This modification is really simple but the description is long, repetitive and boring.

You will lose less time trying it than reading the post.


Darker Heretic Pack

I have made this pack for myself but I decided to share it because maybe others will like it (we live in a big world), and maybe someone can make those changes I wasn't able to do.

But let's talk about the changes I was able to do: I altered brightness, contrast, saturation and sometimes colors for textures and skins to give a more horror/dark/gothic look to the game.

I wasn't able to take screenshots, I have an old version of doomsday on an old operating system, and despite I bound a key to the "screenshot" command, I can't take them.

If you want to make screenshots or even a video you are welcome.

List of changes

- Monsters:

Imp has a darker red and blackish skin (I think is quite scary like this).

Golem has dark "reddish" bandages (it looks like dried blood) and has a red light when shoots skulls.

Weredragon has a dark red skin and black talons

Sabreclaw has a black and grey skin, it looks a lot like Giger's Alien.

Iron Lich has a darker skin.

Disciple has black robe with dark and bright purple decorations.

Wight (tall skeleton), ophidian and mauler have stronger colors (increased saturation and played a bit with contrast and brightness)


Statues have darker grey skin.

Vials and potions are red.

Increased brightness, contrast for tome of power, pillars and other decorations.

Exploding pods are reddish/blue.


Mosaics are more opaque.

Swimmiming pool textures (water temple) are greenish and less bright.

Water is greenish and less bright.

Wood textures are less bright and less satured.

Damaging mud is brown (it looks like s**t).

Lava textures have less contrast.

Castle stone textures are darker.

Many stone/iron/lava walls and stone/ground floors textures are darker.

Celtic wall textures are darker and red.

Clouds and Sea skies are darker.

Rootwall textures are reddish

Ice texture looks more like ice.

Some "art" of some textures are changed.

- Weapons:

Here's we have problems, because I wasn't able to change fx. Anyway.

Gauntlet have purple lightnings (but no purple fx)

Wand have darker hands holding the gem.

Crossbow has a more satured skin and a nice azure bolt glowing on it but the shoots and fx are less nice, (the idea was to give traslucent azure bolts for the ethereal crossbow which by default is not that ethereal).

Dragon Claw has darker more saturated skin and it should shoots green sparks, but they are green only the sparks form the claws.

Hellstaff looks scary: horns are really dark and the skull has a dark red skin, but the shoots are still the same. (The idea was to give also a darker red fx for the shoots)

Phoenix rod has a more satured skin.

Mace Rod shoots hot red balls without chrome effect.


A couple of changes that i would have liked to add:

Changing the green glowing axes of the skeletons into dark purple glowing axes.

Making the hammer of the mauler darker.

Making the mace darker.


That's it.


I don't claim any credit about this work, I think also a child could do it. Use it as you want.


  • Hi -Doma-, for screenshots - try add -ravpic parameter in Doomsday launch command line. This is old vanilla Heretic command, which allows you to take screenshots by pressing F1 key. Doomsday always supported -ravpic command, but I did not exactly sure about support this in new versions. Maybe, you can add screens in your first post and it would be better.

    I'm download your addon version, but in this time I can not test it in Doomsday, this is my personal problem, not your addon. Thank you for your work, I'm glad to see any custom addons for Heretic game in Doomsday!
  • Dday has an option to bind a screenshot key in its controls menu.
  • @Vermil and PVS

    Thank you,

    I try both, the screenshot in the menu and the command line, I finally took the screens using the "capture screen" key of the keyboard, alt-tab and then copy%paste. Quite boring but now I have 20 screens.

    link for the 20 screenshots:

    As I said it's nothing revolutionary.

    N.B. I update the pack, it has minor changes.
  • I appreciate that this is an old post, but the photos posed in the above link are really high res. I can not get any where near this level of detail in my version. Do I need to do anything special to enable this level of detail?
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