KuriKai's wip models for the doom model pack

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The baron/hell knight

shotgun guy



  • I hope these aren't official for the next pack. I feel they are far too cartoony and the one in the older JDRP is far better. I tried the zombie guy. It didn't seem to have damage stages, but I guess you don't need them for an enemy that only takes a couple shots to kill. But it's a nightmare to have cell shaded cartoony enemies in Doom. It just doesn't appeal to me. How about ones that are more realistic instead of something that looks like it is from Nintendo?
  • these are a mix between the sprites and more realistic.
    I released the zombie as gpl2 or later, so feel free to edit it to make it look how you feel it should
  • edited main post to be a more generic thread for my work in progress models
  • I have done a bit more on the baron
    also the twitching impaled human
  • I think your baron needs more work. He looks so short. The shortness also make the arms look too long. Also the backside of the knees could have some more edge.They're so round.
  • the baron is looking good now once that is done you need to make 2 textures one for the baron of hell and one for the hell knight as they are both the same just one is weaker. :)
  • updated baron model, started again from scratch

  • looking really nice
  • That's excellent Kuri, very nice indeed.
  • now thats one scary baron good job. :)
  • Any further progress on this beautiful model?
  • Here is what the baron currently looks like
  • Sweet!

    Can't wait to see this badboy animated.
  • Sweet indeed - still impressed and also eager to see how it will look in-game.

    Patience is a virtue... not one that I possess. ;)
  • This is the low poly model with a normal map applied


    the thumbnails do not do it justice, click for bigger image
  • legs look good but he is more purple then pink atm. for the pink look to the sprite and get a couple of base colors from that and then you will have a good color to work with.
  • Problem is, normal maps don't work on doomsday. Also, he is way too neon.
  • true thats why for the neon part i said pick 3 colors from the sprite and we can wait for the better version even if we have a less awesome one like the new demon.
  • Well, I think it looks more scary, torn and deformed than the original baron.
    And not exactly in the best of ways, either. :-w

    I know it's a really rough example texture, but that neon-pink color just looks horrible.

    I do have an old model (that I tweaked around just now with), though I can't rig it up.
    But I'll take a shot at texturing it.

    Here's what my silly baron looks like, I guess I'll have to find someone to rig it up for me.
    Mostly since Blender and I are mortal enemies, not to mention that learning takes it's time.

    One could recognize this as the baron I made a long, long time ago. But due to said complications it's been pretty much pointless to touch it.
  • the baron has been changed from that last picture, he is less shiny now, so it's easier to see, also your comments about him being too purple have helped motivate me to deactivate my screen filter while working on blender, therefore I can get the colour more acurate
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