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New Doom is finnaly here.

edited 2016 May 19 in DOOM
tomorrow we all get to see how the new doom will play for thos of us that pre-orderd we can pre-load now. what are your guy's thought on the new doom? one thing they got right is the look of the doomguy tho made for the setting it's the classic guy all right. they even got the color of the helmet right witch i think would be hard but they did it so kudos for that.


  • I've played some of the new Doom, and it seems it's a second relaunch of the series. The game mechanics is mixed classic Doom (no weapon reload) with Serious Sam (enemy encounters in closed "arenas") with Bioshock (gear upgrade system). On top of that is some Brutal Doom spice with melee fatalities. IMHO the game is worth to play, although it doesn't scares like Doom3 or even classic Doom (back to 1995 when I played it), and have no savegames but only checkpoints.
    The levels have good details and enough space for tactics. The game forces you to use fatalities, as it grants you with extra bonuses (health or ammo).
    P.S. Guys with shields are real pain in the ass even more than Barons of Hell >:)
  • do you know whats funny the moment i got the super shotty i never did glory kills as well when there mush after one shot you relay cant do them. the super shot and the chain gun once i got them, were my only two weapons i used besides the chainsaw.

    P.S. once you have the super shotty for the shield guys it's just strafe and blam and if farther away then the chaingun.
  • I thought I had read some place that Doom 4 did not allow strafing. Perhaps the strafing is just different from “classic Doom”?
  • strafing is when your character moves side to side all modern fps games use it aka A and D on the keyboard where as the mouse is for looking/aiming
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